March 19, 2013

Video: Shop On The Go With The New Zalando Fashion Concept Car


It just so happens that very often, I find myself spending more time in my car than I do outside of it. And it also often happens that while stuck in traffic, I can’t help but watch the people hurrying to and fro and imagine an improvised fashion show, right there, on the street. Skirts, coats, accessories – a true street style delight, which, I admit, has not just once, made me wonder ”Where on Earth did she get those fabulous shoes? Hmm…I know I’ve seen her top somewhere in a store, but can’t remember where exactly even if my life depended on it.” And since shouting after strangers in the street, asking where they got various pieces from their outfit, is a bit frowned upon, I’ve always imagined that in such circumstances, my only option is to let it go. But…it seems not!

Swiss concept car creator Rinspeed, along with Zalando, a German fashion e-tailer, have come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of fashionistas like me: the first fashion concept car that uses iPads to scan, identify, order and deliver clothes and accessories worn by passing pedestrians.



Using an app developed by Wikitude to scan the desired look, the iPads, which are mounted in the car’s windscreen visors, identify identical or similar pieces that the Zalando website carries, offering the option of immediate purchase and delivery. Your order can even be delivered directly to your car, using GPS tracking, and the trunk even includes a Fashion Box that can neatly store your clothes and accessories.


And since Rinspeed and Zalando don’t want their jewel of a car to be implied in any fender benders or even serious accidents, just because you were speeding home to try on your new outfit, the hatchback was designed in such a manner as to morph into a changing room, when needed!


Information about the engine, suspensions, horse power or any other technical details haven’t yet been released, but let’s be serious…we don’t need any extra details – such a jewel is already on our wishlists!

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