June 4, 2015

Your mobile phone likes Tiriac AutoMobile

You never know the places your car can take you! And I don’t necessarily mean it in terms of route or destination, even if it often happens that the hours behind the wheel fly like minutes, leaving you awash with the desire and energy to continue your journey, of accelerating towards new horizons.

I’m talking more about the feelings of freedom and adventure, experiences you can instantly reach through a test drive with any of the Mercedes-Benz models (I personally recommend the GLA)…

Ţiriac Auto has met all of your four-wheel desires halfway through the Tiriac AutoMobile app (for Android or iOS).

By downloading the application, I’ve discovered that the drive test assisted by an automotive specialist is also one of their direct access services. Among the app’s features listed as well were several facilities of commercial counselling, a series of discounts and deals through Ţiriac Auto’s partners network, and, of course, the all-important emergency road assistance. Additionally, also at a click of a finger, lays Ţiriac Auto’s buy back service – ideal for those who want to keep in step with fashion, by constantly fuelling their passion for the latest cars models. In a nutshell – a full options automotive universe that I’ve leant adapts itself, by using a user’s searches history, to your every specificity and need.

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Mercedes Benz GLA Tiriac Auto Driving avec Passion

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