June 21, 2013

Your Smart Guide For Choosing The Perfect Hair Colour

The plethora of shades that awaits for us to choose from when we decide to change our hair colour, can very easily send us into a full-on panic attack. Take a look at our helpful guide to get an idea of what your ideal hair colour would be:


According to skin tone:

The most important aspect that need to be taken into consideration when changing hair colour is skin tone. This is the safest way to ensure that your new shade won’t end up clashing with your skin tone, but instead, highlight it and make it glow.

What you need to do first is to determine your skin tone. The simplest way of doing this is to analyse the colour of the veins that are visible on the insides of your wrists – if they are a blue-ish colour, your skin tone is cool, if they are green-ish, your skin tone is warm. If you have both blue and green veins or if they are sort of a blue-ish-green colour, then you’re in the neutral zone.


For cool skin tones

Go for shades with cool undertones, which won’t clash with your skin. Avoid colour that have yellow or gold undertones.


Fair skin with cool tones => platinum blonde, ash-blonde, ash-brown

Medium skin with cool tones => ash-brown, dark brown, dark brunette Ideally, nothing that’s more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour.

Dark skin with cool tones => burgundy red, fiery red, ash-brown, dark brunette


For warm skin tones

Opt for warm shades with golden or yellow-ish undertones. Avoid ash, blue-ish or purple undertones.


Fair skin with warm tones => golden-blonde, chestnut brown

Medium skin with warm tones => copper-red, copper-brown, chestnut, warm brown

Dark skin with warm tones => chestnut, warm brown, dark brown


For neutral skin tones

You are fortunate enough to be able to experiment with both warm and cool shades, in order to find your perfect colour. If you need help, consider your eye colour to make a choice:


According to eye colour:

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but ideally, the colour of your hair needs to complement your eye colour, in order to make them pop.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes + cool skin tone => Go for cool shades: platinum blonde, auburn, burgundy

Blue eyes + warm skin tone => Go for warm shades: honey blonde, golden brown, chestnut


Green eyes

Green eyes + cool skin tone => platinum blonde, dark red, dark brown, black

Green eyes + warm skin tone => honey blonde, strawberry blonde, brown with red undertones, brunette


Dark brown eyes

Dark brown eyes + cool skin tone => Go for deep rich shades: dark brown, deep red

Dark brown eyes + warm skin tone => warm brown with blonde undertones, dark brown, deep red


Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes + cool skin tone => Go for deep shades instead of vibrant ones. Auburn, red with cool undertones, dark brown

Hazel eyes + warm skin tone => rich brown with golden undertones, as well as honey blonde will bring out the golden colour in your eyes. Warm red will bring out the green undertones in your eyes.


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Photos courtesy of: fashionistafairytale.xanga.com, chic-chic-store.com