February 17, 2015

Young at 30: F/W 2015/2016 and the Tommy Hilfiger anniversary

How can you tell a designer with 30 years in the business behind him has kept his ingenuity and playful spirit alive and well? When he is living his teenage dream with a joy unaltered by maturity. Well, ok, let’s just call it ’’enhanced’’ as far as his ability to turn the experience into a show is concerned. A genuine show for him and, most importantly, for us!

New York Fashion Week and Tommy Hilfiger’s 30 years of activity celebration have seen a true American style extravaganza, as well as a… sports’ super bowl. So, two American passions – fashion and football – put together by the creator of the American cool to mix and match into countless great public appeal pieces.

Tommy Hilfiger FW1516


From windbreaker ponchos sporting the national colours all the way to cheerleader/high school’s team captain’s girlfriend accessories, they all stand good chances for seeing fulfilled – on time or somewhat belayed – our most secret cravings for popularity. As well as style! Since the alphabet of this American love story with athletic personalities and looks is used to make up ideas and messages talking about sports spirit just as much as about street styling!

The jackets and trenches – basics of a wardrobe of uniforms and rigour – are made out of Tuscany shearling or alpaca, mohair or leather. The buttons have golden finishings, the skirts laced trimmings.

And the set’s stars are truly and totally recognisable: pleated skirt paneled dresses featuring all of the chromatic – white, navy, bordeaux – as well as fabric choices of the collection. Out of tweed, silk or veil, they underline next season’s personality just as much as the fall look staples: ultra-long scarves, dense vertical stripes stockings and Mary Janes.

A collection to have you, as the designer also hinted to, through is choice of grand finale soundtrack, Crazy in Love!


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Photos: Tommy Hilfiger