July 13, 2015

Pretty that doesn’t hurt

If they say ’’No pain, no gain!’’ and if the most out-there torture methods seem to have been seriously taken for granted as wonderful beautifying therapies some 50 years ago, I do hope this is no life motto or anything of the kind. Just a playful expression describing long since and definitively forgotten habits that have by now entered in the #funny#ThrowbackThursday category for good!

As, let’s face it once and for all, working up perspiration under a thick layer of paraffin wax and the ‘’human vacuum cleaner’’ quite simply are not from the same league with the hibiscus detoxifying serum!

vintage beauty

Beauty – and, as a matter of fact, nothing else – should ever hurt!

One Essential from Dior is a serum with an intense booster effect that in just 7 days improves the freshness of the skin by 87% and enhances its capacity to breath by 83%, for a 80% closer to flawless complexion shown by a 67% better purified skin.

Yes, since 1959, not just beautification methods have evolved, also has mathematics…

#Dior #beauty serum One Essential

#Dior #beauty serum One Essential

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Photos: Dior, creativeboysclub.com