April 10, 2013

Would You Dare To Wear Sex Toys As Jewelry?

Style: "CS - warm"

Originality in fashion implies that you sometimes take risks when it comes to style. Are you daring enough to go about your day wearing accessories that were originally designed for…bedroom play?

Crave, a San Francisco-based luxury lifestyle brand that creates erotic accessories, has launched a set of wearable sex toys. You needn’t worry though – this isn’t about wearing a Rabbit vibrator dangling from your neck, but more about a collection of stylish leather and stainless steel accessories that are so subtle, that nobody will ever suspect their true nature.

The collection, named ”Foreplay Jewelry”, includes a pair of cuff bracelets that may be worn as such or separated and used as handcuffs, a vibrating necklace, and a pair of nipple tassle accessories. The minimalist design and subtle allure of the accessories ensure that they can be paired with any outfit you may think of, just like any regular piece of jewelry.

So…Do you dare?

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Photos courtesy of: lovecrave.com, sisterwolf.tumblr.com