May 18, 2014

$5000 from Gucci Parfums to help women via Fashion Avec Passion

When I first tried Flora by Gucci, I was extremely seduced by its sophisticated mix of sensual scent and a subtle touch of strength. Rooted in an Italian olfactory world, Flora perfume was inspired by the iconic Flora scarf, created for Princess Grace of Monaco back in 1966, information that I found out about only after becoming addicted by the glam sensations that I got to be surrounded day by day.

Yes, the past two years, I’ve been madly in love with Gucci Flora! And one of the reasons was not only the powerful glam fragrance but mostly the unexplainable feeling of  power / strength /confidence! The magic of chemistry and years of olfactive research!

No little was my surprise to find that the same feeling of empowerment I have when using Flora by Gucci, is now literally shared with millions of women all around the world. But this time in a palpable way.

I am very proud to announce that Gucci Parfums is providing a pledge of $1 million to support Chime For Change projects through the sales of five designated iconic Gucci fragrances. And $5000 were directed to Fashion Avec Passion, the Romanian Ambassador of Chime For Change, in order to choose and fund an international project.

With other words, Gucci Parfums brings a scent of hope to all the women everywhere!

CfC mechanism

What do Gucci fragrances and women’s life-changing international projects have in common?

By purchasing a Gucci perfume, $5 will be directed with each bottle via Chime for Change, from hundreds of thousands of Gucci lovers. Which means palpable change for thousands of women around the world!  

Each consumer has the power to change lives. For example, one voucher code can provide:

– 2 days of education, daily nourishment and primary healthcare for a student in Kenya
– tetanus vaccines for two pregnant mothers and their unborn children in cambodia
– a trained paralegal to woman denied legal rights in india to complete and process critical paperwork so she can obtain the title to her family land

Joanne Crewes, President of P&G Prestige, producer of Gucci Parfums, and Chime For Change Advisory Board member, teamed up with Frida Giannini – Gucci’s Creative Director – to create the Gucci Parfums Donation Program.

“We are so proud to participate in this life-changing program. We are engaging consumers and lovers of Gucci fragrances to help us on our mission. When a consumer purchases a Gucci fragrance, she or he finds a unique code on the pack. That code is entered on and the purchaser can decide where the donation goes: Education, Health or Justice. Consumers can instantly share their contribution on social networks and follow the impact of the donation,”  said Crewes.

 Janina Nectara Gucci Chime For Change Perfume Fashion Avec Passion

Yes, when buying a Gucci perfume, you directly support Chime for Change, the global initiative for women’s rights!

How does it work?

First you choose your favorite fragrance. Each perfume has a CFC code printed on the box package. You can enter at, choose the project that you find to be the most important! And done! With just the click of a button, you have donated $5 to your selected project,  joining the vast community of CFC supporters.  

At the end, you are more than welcomed to share your involvement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, spreading the message of the campaign.   

The fundraising method used for local projects amounting to massive, global, strides, is called crowdfunding.

Chime For Change – founded by Gucci along with Frida Giannini, Salma Hayek and Beyoncé and supported by Bill Gates, Madonna, Prince Harry or Jennifer Lopez – managed in just 1 year,  to solve 280 projects in 81 countries, having touched the lives of nearly 8 000 women and girls (read full details here)!

So, as Chime for Change Romanian ambassador, I invite you to follow the two essential steps:

  1. Decide!


  1. Act!

Chime for Change #JaninaNectara #FashionavecPassion #CHIMEIN

Chime for Change #JaninaNectara #FashionavecPassion #CHIMEIN

Gucci Guilty, an oriental floral perfume, EUR 100

Chime for Change #JaninaNectara #FashionavecPassion #CHIMEIN

Gucci Première, with bergamot and orange flowers tones, EUR 114

Chime for Change #JaninaNectara #FashionavecPassion #CHIMEIN

Gucci Made to Measure, men’s fragrance with French lavender and anise, EUR 67


If you want to find out more about Chime for Change, follow the platform’s communication and social media channels. If you wish to talk to others about changing the future of women – through health, education and justice – download the free #CHIMEIN app and share. And you want to donate besides the USD 5, do it at!


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