May 19, 2014

With just $5, create a job for a woman in Spain now! Powered by Gucci

About 26% of the working population in Spain is looking for a job. Unfortunately, women have much more difficulty than men in reentering the job market and are less likely to receive unemployment benefits. Statistics say that immigrant women have the smallest chances to find a job, while in Spain live around 830.000 Romanian immigrants.   

Over the last 5 years, over 800 000 new small businesses have been started by Spanish women-entrepreneurs. No, the historic recession and unemployment in the Iberic country haven’t drawn to an end, and the piece of information has slipped the news. It’s just that they created the climate for turning women as self-employed and women business owners data on their head and for generating – there are no numbers on this, but we can extrapolate – over 1 million jobs!

It’s just the kind of idea Chime for Change – Gucci’s global initiative for women – takes over and focuses to get financed.

In this case, it’s the project called Give Spanish Women a Second Chance. Or, better said, providing them with the chance to give themselves this second chance. Within the project, 30 unemployed women are going to be assisted for kick-starting their own start up. From perfecting their idea and business plan, to juridical and financial assistance for the establishing of the business in itself.

3 grants of USD 500 are going to be awarded to businesses committing to employ women. And who knows how many women will be working for them in next to no time? Minimum but essential help, for maximum effects and multiplier effects!

The second half,  $ 2 500- of the $ 5 000 offered by Gucci to Fashion avec Passion, as Chime for Change Romania ambassador, will go to this project. Donate as well, directly to the project, or by purchasing a Gucci fragrance!

Janina Nectara Fashion avec Passion Chime For Change by Gucci Ambassador Romania, Jobs For Women in Spain

“We are so proud to participate in this life-changing program. It was important for Gucci Parfums to join forces together and support the Chime For Change movement. We are engaging consumers and lovers of Gucci fragrances to help us on our mission. When a consumer purchases a Gucci fragrance, she or he finds a unique code on the pack. that code is entered on and the purchaser can decide where the donation goes: education, health or Justice. consumers can instantly share their contribution on social networks and follow the impact of the donation,” said Joanne Crewes, President of P&G Prestige – producer of Gucci Parfums – and Chime For Change Advisory Board member.

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Gucci Guilty, an oriental floral perfume, EUR 100

Don’t forget, for every Gucci perfume ordered, you get to choose the Chime for Change project to donate USD 5 to!

The info graphic below will show you more data on unemployment in Europe. As for the likelihood for success of Give Spanish Women a Second Chance, here is a selection of revealing facts:

! in Spain, 51% of women have a job, with unemployment standing at 11.6% (10.8% for men)

! even if the differential between women’s and men’s unemployment is minimum, chances for labour market reintegration are significantly smaller for women

! Almudena Velasco, 41 years old, 16 advertising experience, unemployed with minimum reemployment prospects, opened, within 3 days of the laying off, her own micro-agency

! Izanami Martínez, 29 years old, found investors and put up her pregnant women and recent mothers goody box start up in a week, and now is employing 22 people and doing business in 5 countries

Chime For Change – founded by Gucci along with Frida Giannini, Salma Hayek and Beyoncé and supported by Bill Gates, Madonna, Prince Harry  of Great Britain, Julia Roberts or Jennifer Lopez – managed in just 1 year,  to solve 280 projects in 81 countries, having touched the lives of nearly 8 000 women and girls!


Julia Roberts – Chime For Change by Gucci Advisory Board Member


Frida Giannini – Gucci Creative Director and Chime For Change Founder

Yes, case by case, it’s this simple. Make up your mind and act as well!

women unemployment


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