January 20, 2014

Will Prada win an Oscar? Will Gatsby become a classic of cinematographic fashion?

With the fashion weeks, literally, weeks away and the Oscars scheduled for early March like a fitting crowning of the month-long extravaganza the four fashion capitals put together. And with The Great Gatsby laden with Prada and American Hustle an abundance of designer iconic fashion, for instance quite some Diane von Fürstenberg, nominated for Best costume design, a wave of cinematographic memories has been triggered in fast forward. If Sex and The City – the movie, as for the series we don’t have the space to begin talking about – hadn’t been the same without Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang, if Carolina Herrera herself dressed Twilight’s Bella, if in The Hunger Games Sci-Fi Schiaparelli and McQueen can be spotted, while in the adrenaline filled action movie Rush, it is Gucci, why shouldn’t we look further back at the classic masterpieces? At the movies’ classics with classic wardrobes, go back to the predecessors and followers of Breakfast at Tiffany’s inextricably linked to Hubert de Givenchy’s creations, it: the landmark, the beginning and the end of the miracle that happens when these two arts meet?!

Coco Chanel for Les Amants – a standout wardrobe, one of mademoiselle Chanel’s few: ’’Hollywood is the capital of bad taste… and it is vulgar’’

Yves Saint Laurent for Belle de Jour – the most extraordinary of the French designer’s collaborations with elegant Catherine Deneuve, and this alone is worth more than an Oscar

Paco Rabanne for Barbarella – high fashion space suits, which, had it not been in a work of fiction, would have surely put Jane Fonda’s life in serious danger (for comparison, see the realistically-outfitted Gravity)

Giorgio Armani for American Gigolo – from among his over 200 movie wardrobes, among which Good Fellas, The Dark Knight Rises, Casino Royale and The Wolf of Wall Street, Richard Gere’s costumes in American Gigolo are a legend among legends

Ralph Lauren for Annie Hall – directed by Woody Allen, starring Diane Keaton and the RL tie that triggered a shopping frenzy

Jean Paul Gaultier for The Fifth Element – over 900 costumes and a bandage dress – almost literally –, a collection of futuristic designs truly for millennia to come

Raf Simons for I Am Love – before Dior, Raf Simons for Jill Sander and clear cut minimalist costumes

Manolo Blahnik for Marie Antoinette – there’s only one thing missing: the scene with Marie Antoinette drinking champagne from her Manolos, there must be a mistake…

Prada for The Great Gatsby – 50 ultra-glamorous dresses, enough to outshine even Ralph Lauren’s take on the wardrobe of the original Robert Redford version

PS And if you’ve just realised you absolutely must have a specific outfit from the movies, it’s really not impossible (for Star Wars it might be, I grant that). Find out here tips from the hunters for such treasures!


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Photo: Vogue