June 14, 2012

Why you should buy thermal water

No, thermal water is not just plain water, with a sophisticated label. The ones who tried it know what I’m talking about. They’ve probably experienced how good it is for the irritated, thirsty or tired skin.

Thermal water comes from deep underground springs and is full of minerals, good for the skin. Sulfur, selenium, and magnesium are just a few of the minerals that contribute to the skin’s improving texture. It is good for all the skin types, in all the seasons. But in the summer is really a blessing for dehydrated skin.

Also, it’s a good refreshment during summer days, or at the beach, when the skin is sunburn or irritated. Because it has many minerals, thermal water may give you the feeling that “tightens” your face, after it dries. That’s why applying a cream after using it is a must.

Doctors recommend it for the acne, after aggressive procedures such as the chemical peeling, and for the sensitive skin treatment. You can also use it after shaving, any time your skin is red or tired. You can actually  keep a small spray always in your purse, for the moments you need to wake-up your skin, but also for the moments you’re traveling by plane, when skin needs more moisture.