July 31, 2013

Why You Should Quit Smoking Right Now!


I don’t need to remind you about the serious consequences smoking has on your health – lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility – but if these risks aren’t enough to convince you, maybe the following reasons will, by illustrating just how smoking destroys your beauty.

!!! Smoking causes hair loss, hair dryness, hair thinning and hair turning gray. The chemical components in cigarettes deprive hair of oxygen, causing an unhealthy look and premature aging. Also, there’s the horrible tobacco smell, which gets impregnated in your hair as soon as you light up.

!!! Smoking causes skin dryness and premature skin aging. Smoking equals to bad blood circulation withing the skin tissues and insufficient oxygen supply. The results: loss of vitality, loss of the youthful glow, as well as loss of the ability to regenerate.

!!! Smoking heightens the risk of developing Psoriasis – a chronic dermatological disease in which your skin grows much faster than the normal rate of skin growth. The result is dry, scaley patches of skin that itch and sometimes blister.


!!! Smoking dramatically increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

!!! Smoking favours and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. Cigarettes deprive skin tissue of oxygen and Vitamin A, as well as of other important nutrients.

!!! Smoking can lead to the developing of varicose veins. Nicotine destroys fibers and tissues, by depriving the skin of oxygen and nutrients.

!!! Smoking disables the body to heal properly and rapidly after a trauma. Doctors forbid smoking to patients who are about to undergo surgery, because the risks of complications, as well as the healing time, increase dramatically.


!!! Smoking causes teeth to turn yellow and destroys gums. Nicotine triggers enamel discoloration and also favours the developing of gum disease. Your gums may get inflamed and even develop infections. Not to mention that a smoker’s breath perpetually smells unsavoury.

!!! Smoking causes cavities, as well as hot/cold tooth sensitivity, loss or separation of teeth, and changes in the way you bite.

!!! Smoking destroys the beauty of your lips. Nicotine attacks skin cells, making your lips lose their youthful look, developing wrinkles instead, as well as a darkened colour.

!!! Smoking makes the skin on your fingers turn yellow and favours bad blood circulation. A single cigarette reduces the blood flow to your fingers for over an hour.

!!! Smoking causes your nails to turn yellow and exfoliate.


!!! Smoking increases the risk of developing genital warts. Women who smoke are four times more likely to contact HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).

!!! Smoking causes dark circles and puffy eyes.

!!! Smoking increases the risk of developing cataracts by 22%. A cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye, leading to decrease in vision and eventually, to blindness.

!!! Smoking is responsible for belly fat. Nicotine enables fat to attach to your organs (visceral fat), increasing the risk of developing diabetes.


I hope you’re convinced. Here are some clever tips to help you quit smoking!


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Photos courtesy of: linalukas.tistory.com