August 12, 2013

Who Wears The High Heel Better? Moms Or Their Daughters?

Beyonce wearing her daughter, Blue Ivy's high heels, by Marc Jacobs

Beyonce wearing her daughter, Blue Ivy’s high heels, by Tom Ford

Would you let your kid wear high-heeled footwear? If your answer is ”yes”, then according to an analysis published by the New York Times, you are part of a trend experiencing a tremendous level of growth.

Gone are the days when little girls would sneakily wear around the house their moms’ heels and pearls. The ”Mini Me” phenomenon – moms dressing their little girls to resemble themselves, starting with designer clothing and reaching subtle touches of makeup and kitten-heeled shoes, has taken the world by storm since Suri Cruise has been spotted by Los Angeles paparazzi wearing high-heeled footwear in numerous occasions. It wasn’t long before the trend expanded far past Hollywood and into every corner of the world – kids’ heels or wedges have become mainstream and designers have found themselves bound to add height to their kids’ footwear collections.


The Steve Madden Kids Footwear collection for the current season, Spring/Summer, is about half comprised of high shoes, from wedge sneakers to kitten heels. Also, the espadrilles signed by Michael Kors and the Stuart Weitzman sandals, both measuring almost 2 inches in height, are some of the best-sold styles of kids’ footwear this summer.

Despite the fact that the profit generated by the sale of non-sportswear shoes for kids has risen in the last year by 9%, reaching 3 billion Euros (last year’s growth only reached 4%), there is no shortage of voices that adamantly disagree with the growing trend.


Coupled with the ever-growing phenomenon of underage models being featured in provocative spreads inside fashion magazines, parents’ concerns about pre-teens wearing high heels is focused on the idea that letting young girls wear adults’ footwear, the process of ending childhood is being accelerated, at an age at which little girls should be preoccupied by what high heeled shoes their dolls should be wearing, not themselves. Moreover, doctors advise that wearing high heels at a too young age can have negative effects on kids’ health and may as well be a dangerous thing, given that children do not have such a keen sense of balance as adults do.

Despite all this, the trend sparked by miniature trend setter Suri Cruise and fueled by celebrity kids such as Blue Ivy Carter, is becoming increasingly popular each day, moving the spotlight away from fashionable moms and onto their ultra-stylish daughters.


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