April 12, 2013

Who doesn’t love Vivienne Westwood?

Vivienne Westwood

Lovers of European art who haven’t yet been to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and for whom Vivienne Westwood seems to have especially made the spring-summer collections campaign, should she haven’t done it for her own passion

all punk fiancées, having worthy inspiration for their wedding gowns

ecologist activists and those who believe that fashion literally has something to say – Climate Revolution by Vivienne Westwood

punk-conservative women, yes they exist, who love Westwood’s absolutely unique suits

entomologists and anyone with fantasy, as the spring-summer Gold Label collection is fashioned after inspiration found in the world of insects and Velasquez’s paintings

those doubting that the original Vivienne Westwood creations could fit into a Red Carpet Collection

the spectators having seen Semele Walk by Georg Friedrich Händel in Westwood costumes, at the Sydney Festival, and no longer able to see an un-modern classical opera

the open-minded that find it to be only natural that Westwood’s New Arrivals section boast the most flamboyant Pink Leopard Socks and the most impeccable Cedar Tassel Loafers

Victoria and Albert Museum, perfectly describing Vivienne Westwood as a combination of unconformity with a sense of tradition

Fashion avec Passion, inhabiting the parallel universe Westwood says is designing for

all of those craving for a Paradise Bag almost just as much as after paradise itself,

the world simply loves her! Just tell me if I forgot someone!

Vivienne Westwood


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Photo source: Vivienne Westwood