March 8, 2013

Who doesn’t love Tom Ford?

Tom Ford

All of those who never imagined Morgan Freeman could be convinced to make the cover of L’Uomo Vogue, be it dressed in Tom Ford or otherwise

Bradley Cooper, not having won the Oscar, but being enough style savvy to accept it with distinction, next time

the models in the house’s campaigns, having the opportunity of being photographed by the artistically talented Tom Ford

Gucci and Saint Laurent, yes, both, as Tom Ford, before launching his own tremendously success label designed for two European traditional enormously successful houses

Mario Testino, which used to give him a helping hand with extraordinary photographs, during his European stylistic youth  

GQ, Vanity Fair and Time having put Tom Ford the man on the cover

the Tom Ford French aficionados, having his creations within reach once again, at the Paris store

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, happy to share their wedding photographs, featuring Justin in Tom Ford, with both their fans and those of the designer

Harrods, transformed into a Tom Ford temple of beauty – treatments, cosmetics, perfumes…

Daniel Craig, that after wearing Tom Ford triggers abrupt sale outs

Fashion avec Passion, having learnt have ’’mass-market tastes’’ – how? “I’m lucky, I have mass-market tastes.” Ford says, “When I say I like a shoe, generally thousands of people will like it.” – so do we

all of those yet unmentioned who, obvious movie lovers, wonder when is the next Tom Ford movie going to be released,

so it is clear everybody loves him. Just tell me if I forgot someone!


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Photo source: Tom Ford