March 1, 2013

Who doesn’t love Galeries Lafayette?

Galeries Lafayette

The houses of Christian Lacroix and Thierry Mugler, thrilled about their new Paris Fashion Week collections, as well as for the pieces included among the season’s novelties at Galeries Lafayette

enthusiastic and advice-giving travellers having included the galleries on Boulevard Haussmann among the Parisian attractions treasured by tourists on Trip Advisor

the 1 000 000 daily visitors of the Galeries Lafayette Group stores

the birthday people or simply lucky people receiving a gift card for shopping at the Galeries, who are also going to have included in their present a plane ticket to Paris, since it can only be used sur place

Pedro Almodóvar, the new image of the men’s department

internet loving fashionistas discovering that the list of labels available at the Galeries is wondrously coming near to the size of a dictionary

Balenciaga, warmly advising its lovers to go shop at the houses’ Galeries boutique

the people in Berlin, Casablanca and Dubai, having welcomed Galeries Lafayette among their cities’ attractions and symbols

the unsuspecting tourists to Paris’ Montparnasse, having the wonderful surprise of discovering that the climb up the tower for the city vista can very well be preceded or followed by a tour of Paris’ fashion houses, at the Galeries Lafayette Montparnasse

Cartier, having taken full advantage of their collaboration with Galeries Lafayette, and having also opened an online luxury store, at

Fashion avec Passion, seeing Galeries Lafayette as the true Disneyland in Paris

Le Festival du Centre Pompidou, enjoying the galleries’ stylish sponsorship,

everybody loves them. Just tell me if I forgot someone!

Galeries Lafayette


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Photo source: Galeries Lafayette