April 5, 2013

Who doesn’t love Donna Karan?

Donna Karan

Barbra Streisand, and we’ve said it all from the very beginning

all of the believers knowing that black and white are all that Donna Karan needs for a thousand spectacular creations

Jennifer Hudson, a young talent with a genuine admiration for an established and immensely famous talent

those sinners for cashmere, just like Donna Karan

Casual Luxe only conceivably newyorker and only conceivably designed by Donna Karan, so, all of those with a feel of the naturally authentic

wonderful model Karolina Kurkova and wondrous architect Zaha Hadid, two Women Who Inspire and provide inspiration

all of those permanently connected with the DKNY lifestyle, through the Donna Karan app

men, casually chic in their rightful turn

the no 1 Donna Karan shopping destination, Neiman Marcus

Forbes, validating the paths as a businesswoman and charitable entrepreneur of Donna Karan the fashion mogul and Donna Karan from the Urban Zen Foundation

Fashion avec Passion, grateful for Donna Karan

The Frick Collection, the beneficiary of the most recent of the fundraising soirees hosted by Donna Karan,

it is plain clear everybody loves her. Just tell me if I forgot someone!

Donna Karan


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Photo source: Donna Karan