February 22, 2013

Who doesn’t love Christian Louboutin?

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The people in Toronto, where the world tour of the Christian Louboutin shoes show is due to kick off this summer

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, who, yes, it is possible, have been an even more gorgeous couple when Miranda wore a pair of Louboutin shoes at the latest pre-Oscar party

the clients of the New York Louboutin men’s store, not shying away from purchasing 20 pairs on a single visit

those passionate about extreme sports, which could learn a thing or two on adrenaline and style when hearing Louboutin talk about his pleasure of trapeze flying

the contemporary dandy having managed the feat of contributing a consistent 25% to Maison Louboutin’s  sales

Catherine Deneuve, a symbol of distinction among the wealth of new Louboutin fans

hardened fishermen that once they see the new Christian Louboutin campaign are going to be convinced that their wives are finally  going to encourage their hobby

Fashion avec Passion, claiming, through the voices of its entire team, that any pair of Louboutins are the most beautiful thing they ever saw

Kanye West, the no 1 among the dandies we were talking about

all of those with a sense of humour, seeing the image of Louboutin as a Hindu god  with plenty of hands to hold out a wonderful plenty of his marvellous shoes

Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus burning to be associated with the hottest spring-summer collection,

everybody loves him. Just tell me if I forgot someone!


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Photo source: Christian Louboutin