May 10, 2013

Who doesn’t love Armani?

Armani Tina Turner Vogue Germany

Tina Turner, simply the best in Armani from head to toe, for Vogue Germany

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, reaching new heights with the world’s most exquisite style through Armani Hotel Dubai

Bloggers Love Armani, with Janina Nectara a little bit more

Sean Penn and his charity, enjoying the generous endorsement of Armani for Haiti, after the 3 years of Aqua for Life in Ghana and Bolivia, through donations and contributions from the sales of Aqua di Gio and Aqua di Gioia

the Spanish, increasingly pampered with the opening of the Madrid Emporio Armani flagship store, after Barcelona, last year

Free the Children, set to direct towards the supporting through their babies’ first year of life of young Masaai mothers in Kenya funds from the income made by the Armani baby blankets now available at Holt Renfrew

all of those assimilating a bath with therapy and fashion with art, for the Roca bathrooms designed by Armani

Suri Cruise, who chooses in the blink of an eye Armani Kids for any city outing

Fashion avec Passion thrilled and honoured for having had the chance to broadcast live the Giorgio Armani fall-winter 2013/2014 Milan Fashion Week runway show

Forbes, happy to rank Giorgio Armani as the #4 billionaire in Italy – 8.5 billion dollars – and brand him a self made billionaire,

the whole world loves Armani! Just tell me if I forgot someone!

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Photo source: Armani