March 25, 2014

Who doesn’t love Anna dello Russo?

Anna dello Russo, Janina Nectara, street style

Is there still someone who doesn’t adore Anna dello Russo, the legendary fashionista tenderly called by Helmut Newton a ‘’fashion maniac’’? No, I don’t think there could possibly still be, since she is quite simply loved by…

1. All of those with a bias for fashion and art (and fashion as art), as where else is it that you read all about Miranda Kerr for Wonderbra, Natalia Vodianova’s charitable projects, the latest Frida Kahlo exhibit or Rita Ora’s fashion endeavours?!

2. Kids – big and small – for Vogue Japan’s April issue pictorial: A Playful Sense of Wonder featuring a Disneyland-ised vision of the season’s podiums

3. Fashion avec Passion, for her 10 Fashion Week Rules though and felt through and through by Anna dello Russo’s unparalleled experience: ’’Shape up! You must choose outfits fierce and fully shaped.’’

4. Bryanboy, who visited in her Milan apartment and, us, the avid for insider’s info. The no 1 scoop? They say that once you step over her Chanel doormat you enter The Kingdom of the 4 000 Pairs of Shoes!

5. Whoever has too long since had a shopping spree or a… AdR Fashion Shower*

6. Anna’s pup, Cucciolina, once she saw herself photographed by The Sartorialist

7. The anonymous fan that dedicated her a fabulous Pinterest board

8. Those who were keen on also finding out her 10 frontrow rules and got: ’’Nothing succeeds like excess!’’

9. Business of Fashion, taking note of AdR’s Instagram account dizzyingly gravitating around half a million followers,

10. 10 and Interview magazines and so on and on…

11.  And mostly MEEEEE, the 11th and the biggest fan, extremely delighted to meet her every Fashion Week, very often sitting behind her during the shows – the best seating ever, as I can secretly admire the Italian goddess without her assuming that I’m a crazy, obsessed stalker. Or maybe I am…

No, I genuinely don’t think it’s still possible to find someone who doesn’t…

anna dello russo fashion avec passion janina nectara milano fashion week

Anna Dello Russo and Janina Nectara

Special thanks to Catalin Opritescu – for the wonderful image!

Anna dello Russo

anna dello russo fashion avec passion janina nectara 2

Anna dello Russo on the job – street styling

anna dello russo fashion avec passion janina nectara 3

*Anna dello Russo combining two of her passions: ’’Fashion is a muse, you must seduce her. Shall we dance? Take your muse to dance, fashion loves music.’’ and, the result, Fashion Shower for H&M



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Photos:  Catalin Opritescu –, Anna dello Russo,