April 26, 2013

Who doesn’t love Alexander McQueen?

Alexander McQueen

None other than her Majesty the Queen, having knighted McQueen with the Order of the British Empire

David Bowie, spectacularly done up in Alexander McQueen for legendary concerts back in the 1990s

Kering, claiming for its portfolio the most valuable of treasures – the McQueen talent

Björk, probably showing Bowie envy, wanting Alexander McQueen for the cover of her Homogenic album

the Partnouveau website, fascinated by all McQueen collections and the references from the past that the Alexander McQueen’s artistry of cuts always excellently sends back to

Naomi Watts, having chosen for the red carpet at Tribeca the most beautiful dress inspired by stained glass ornaments ever created

undeniably, Sarah Burton, the designer at McQueen, being among Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2012 and the no 1 adorer of Alexander McQueen

CULTSTATUS, the fashion retailer distributing Alexander McQueen and having an apparently fate-chosen name for it

Fashion avec Passion, bewitched by the magical joining of fragility and strength, fluidity and severity apparent in all Alexander McQueen

Salma Hayek, a true addict for the British house’s gowns,

the world loves Alexander McQueen! Just tell me if I forgot someone!

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Photo source: Alexander McQueen