October 9, 2012

What’s your emotional makeup color today?

The newest Lush collection, called Emotional Brilliance, is like a serious game for grownups. The British brand has launched a makeup line inspired by the idea that wearing certain colors helps us feel a certain way. In order to achieve this, Lush worked with a behavioral therapist to find a list of words that corresponded to each color.


Together with the new line comes the launch of a color wheel game, which can be played in store. All you have to do is spin the wheel and then pick the first three colors that you are drawn to; not your favorite color, but rather the one that you feel attracted to in that particular moment. All the colors in the wheel have words attached to them, and represent something, you’ll have to see for yourself what.

The line includes bold pigmented shades of liquid lipstick and eyeliner, cream eye shadow, mascara, two shimmery face tints, and a translucent setting powder. All the products contain natural ingredients.


Photos: makeupblog.blog.neon.hu, trendhunter.com, glitterglossgarbage.com