October 16, 2012

What To Do When You Spot Your First Wrinkle

Even though I had always hoped that this would only become a problem after the next ten years or so, there they are: a couple of fine wrinkles, which were nonexistent last year, are now staring at me daily from my magnifying mirror which I use to put on makeup.

My first reaction? Denial. They must be expression wrinkles. After browsing through a couple of holiday photo albums from last summer and noticing that the unsightly wrinkles had not made their appearance back then, I moved on to the next step – guilt – and promised myself I would never ever go to sleep again without removing my makeup.

However, I must admit that my scary wrinkles are not that scary – they probably aren’t even visible to the eyes of others. But because I do see them and thus, the alarm signal has been switched on, I did some research on how to control them from their early stages.

Thus, here are a few pieces of advice for when you too will receive the unpleasant surprise of your first wrinkle:

1. Remove your makeup every night before going to bed. Unwanted residue on your complexion not only leads to blocked pores, but also to wrinkling.

2. Hydrate your skin on a daily basis, morning and night. Use a nourishing moisturiser for your face and a special cream for your eyes.

3. If your first wrinkles are more visible than you’d want them to be, try a Nylon-12 treatment, which implies applying a fine film on the entire surface of your complexion, which tightens your skin as it dries up.

4. Don’t forget to regularly exfoliate.

5. Don’t try to cover your wrinkles with tiers of foundation, concealer or even eyeshadow, as it will only accentuate them.

6. The Golden Rule: Don’t stress. As you well know, stress causes winkles, so don’t fall into that vicious circle!

Photo courtesy of: washingtonpost.com