April 30, 2013

What Sentimental Treasure Do You Keep In Your Locket?

What sentimental treasure do you keep in your locket?

A precious picture of someone you love, a motivational photo to remind you of an important goal, or maybe even a photo of yourself, in a truly happy moment of your life?


Monica Rich Kosann, jewelry and interior accessories designer, and recipient of the 2010 Rising Star Award for Fine Jewelry, granted by Fashion Group International, wants to know your answer. Members of the MRK Style team are roaming the streets of New York, photographing people wearing MRK lockets and asking them to reveal the secrets that they keep inside, as part of the #WhatsInYourLocket campaign, an initiative aiming to celebrate the fascinating stories carefully hidden beneath each locket pendant that one wears around their neck daily.


Even of you don’t happen to be in New York right now so that you may be snapped by the MRK Style team, you still have the chance to participate, in order to win a gorgeous MRK locket, by sending a photo of yourself along with your precious locket, and answering the burning question – ”What’s In Your Locket?”


MRK locket pendants, made out of 18 karat gold or sterling silver, encrusted with precious stones, such as Topaz, Onyx, Quartz, diamonds or sapphires, adorned with Mother-of-Pearl, decorated with pearls, monogrammed with initials or minutely engraved with delicate patterns, are a must-have piece for any jewelry collection.

Find out more about the #WhatsInYourLocket contest, about its initiative, about the gorgeous Monica Rich Kosann lockets and have a chat with MRK experts for style advice, by accessing mrkstyle.com.

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Photos courtesy of: mrkstyle.com