November 20, 2012

What mistakes to avoid when applying foundation


Foundation is essential in the way your makeup looks like. If applied correctly, it can improve your features, and can transform dull skill into a fresh complexion. But if it’s not properly chosen, it can definitely add a couple of years to your age, and make you look like a mask. Here are the most common mistakes women do, and how to avoid them:


The wrong texture

Choosing the right texture for your foundation is vital. Liquid, stick, or maybe powder? It all depends on your skin type. If your skin is dehydrated, pick a liquid one; if it’s oily, go for a stick or powdered foundation. You already have notable wrinkles? Then stay away from the powdered textures, and choose a very light, liquid foundation, or even a tinted moisturizer.





Not blending enough

Blending the foundation is as important as the color and the texture. No matter if you’re using a sponge, a brush, or just the fingers, makes sure you go all the way to your neck and next to your hairline. Blend it well, until it settles properly on the skin, so you won’t notice any difference between your skin and the foundation.


Applying too much

Not knowing when to stop, and applying too much foundation, can make the make-up look cakey. Put some moisturizer on, before adding the foundation, this way the make-up will look better, more natural.  Also, you may need to use it just on some parts of your face, like the T-zone. If this is the case, cover the parts that need to be covered (blemishes, redness) and keep the rest of the face natural.