June 22, 2012

Face Mapping – What Your Skin Can Tell You About Your Health

Surely once in a while, your complexion is giving you a hard time, especially when it comes to acne (and if not, please, tell us your secret!), but did you ever stop to think that all those spots, blemishes and dark circles might have anything to do with what’s happening inside your body?

Dermatologist Alex Gariano, specialising in the ancient Chinese art of face mapping, believes that such skin conditions are linked to various internal parts of your body, the location of each spot indicating an underlying problem that you should be taking care of.

Study the (face) map that Gariano provides, to learn more:

Zone 1&3: Urinary & Digestive Systems – Advice: Drink lots of liquids and embrace a healthier diet.

Zone 2: Liver – Advice: Limit the amount of alcohol, dairy and heavy foods consumption. This may also indicate a food allergy.

Zone 4&10: Kidneys – Advice: Drink plenty of healthy liquids to hydrate your body and steer clear of beverages that dehydrate you, such as soda, coffee and alcohol.

Zone 5&9: Respiratory System – Advice: Given that blemishes usually appear in these areas mainly on smokers, it is recommended that they refrain from smoking. Also, this may signal an allergy.

Zone 6&8: Kidneys – Advice: Dark circles are usually an indicator of dehydration, so drink lots of fluids.

Zone 7: Heart – Advice: Take it easy! Check your blood pressure. Also, make sure that you’re not using make-up that irritates your skin.

Zone 12: Stomach – Advice: Add more fiber to your diet to improve digestion and consider undergoing a detox treatment.

Zone 11&13: Hormones – Advice: The presence of acne in these areas is associated with stress and hormonal changes, but may also indicate ovulation. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of fluids.

Zone 14: Illness – Advice: Drink plenty of fluids. The presence of skin problems in this area is associated with the body’s struggle to kill bacteria, in order to prevent an illness.

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