January 7, 2013

What do Roald Amundsen and Romeo Beckham have in common? Burberry!


In the last few weeks there are two stories coming out of the London based fashion house Burberry, and both are set on confirming Burberry plc’s firm upward trend.

The first among them comes at yet more proof that the marketing department at Burberry is coming up with the same kind of brand truthful and frenzy creating strategies as ever. 11 year old Romeo Beckham is the precious star of the most recent of the so British Burberry, and the video showing the young Beckham casually playing wearing a metal Burberry shirt is everywhere.

The second news proves once more that CEO Angela Ahrendts has the fashion house a step in front of the luxury retail world Burberry inhabits. After exploring iPad apps for ”personalised interaction with clients”, sharing knowledge of where they went shopping, what they liked and what they finally purchased, the Brits are due to be the first luxury brand to partner with latest generation digital payments company Square.

Burberry logo

And these constant proofs of managerial performance are no more than part of the routine at Burberry, and so is the publishing of a wealth of information and analyses spanning from business culture, through markets and risks to annual reports. It is because Burberry plc, the 98th most valuable brand in the world, is public at the London Stock Exchange, as well as part of the pool of stocks of the FTSE 100, the exchange’s reference index.

The Scottish trademark tartan pattern, the royal warrant, Kate Moss and even Roald Amundsen having conquered the South Pole wearing Burberry! have all brought it here. It now is Angela Ahrendts’ job to lead it further.

kate moss Burberry


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