February 6, 2014

What did they believe the fashion of today will be, back in 1939? Something retro-futuristic…

Do you think fashion is in a never stopping whirl of change or rather that trends come over and over back again, in an endless spiral of admiration and inspiration?

No, this is not a trick-question. It is, as a matter of fact, rather irrelevant on what side of the matter you are. As I bet we’ll agree that the fashion of the year 2000 they way, says this 1939 now funny video, American fashion designers used to see, bears no inspiration from anything that came before or, we’d say, thank the good heavens for it!, nothing that came after. At least until now.

But what really is interesting is that, even if completely fashion-unrelated, the American of 75 years ago already had plans or at least dreams of gadgets very similar to air-conditioning and mobile phones…

futuristic fashion Karlie Kloss

futuristic fashion Karlie Kloss Daft Punk


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Photos: fashiongonerogue.com, trendland.com, fashnberry.com