April 11, 2012

What cosmetics to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you don’t need to completely modify your routine, but you must be informed about the things that could harm the baby. Many of them are really dangerous and can seriously damage your child’s future health.

Powerful anti-acne prescriptions, like Acutan, Retin-A or tetracycline should be avoided when you are pregnant. Because they contain high concentrations of substances that fight bacteria, they can seriously affect the baby’s health. Even the products that you find in drugstores or supermarkets that contain retinoid or salicylic acid are unsuitable in this period. Although there is no clear evidence that it would lead to defects in the fetus’s body, it is best to avoid the vitamin A excess during pregnancy.

Stay away from the products that are too scented, such as creams, perfumes or body sprays. Most contain chemical ingredients that may have a toxic effect and can interfere in the normal evolution of the baby.

Skin whitening creams should also be avoided. They contain substances that affect the production of melanin in the body, which means they block a natural process needed to develop baby’s skin. In addition, many of them can cause an allergic reaction. So in case your face gets brown spots during pregnancy it is advisable to consult a physician before using any creams.

If you want to use nail polish, make sure you ventilate the room well after that. There are studies showing that women who work in nail salons are more likely to have premature birth and to gibe birth to children with developmental problems.

And self-tanning products are dangerous. They contain DHA, a chemical ingredient that provides bronze. Although studies are still in development, it seems that they could damage the child’s DNA.


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