June 20, 2012

Walk In Heels Minus The Pain

Walking in heels gives you better posture, the illusion of slimmer legs and even that of a slightly more toned abdomen. Don’t forget that there are a few simple rules so that walking in 4, 5 or even 6 inch heels (do you dare…?) is a breeze.


1. A key thing to remember: all in good time! Try taking baby steps: begin with kitten heels and work you way up to the “big guns”.

2. When you walk in heels, remember that the heel of your foot should be the first to touch the ground. Any option other than that (leading with your toes, placing your entire sole on the ground in one motion) will end up looking unnatural.

3. The higher the heel, the more your foot will have a tendency to slip forward. To prevent this, as well as to avoid friction, use silicone pads that you can attach to the interior of your shoes (you can find them in drug stores). Alternatively, if you’re in a rush and don’t have silicone pads, try a method that Hollywood stars swear by. Jessica Alba has admitted that she wears double-sided tape on the insides of her shoes to red carpet events in order to prevent her feet from slipping.

4. If you’re not used to wearing sky-high heels and the thought of driving or climbing down staircases in such shoes positively terrifies you, try doing this: wear a pair of flats and before arriving to your destination, make the transfer between the flats and the heels.

5. Keep your back straight. When you wear heels, a myriad muscles in your body are contracted at all times. A straight back not only helps posture, but also ensures better balance.

6. Get regular pedicures. Nails that are too long may end up penetrating your flesh if you walk in shoes that are too tight and heels that aren’t sufficiently moisturised are more at risk of ending up calloused.

7. Make a habit of exercising your feet regularly. Each night, try a few simple moves that will not only make walking in heels easier and more comfortable, but will also help relax you. Stretch your feet, toes and ankles included, rotate each ankle a few times, both clockwise and counter-clockwise, and roll the arch of you foot a few times on a golf or tennis ball.

Photos courtesy of: ohbrilliant.wordpress.com, rtumasonyte.blogspot.ro