July 17, 2013

Vote To Bring Your Favourite M.A.C. Colours Back!


I’m not sure what’s happening, but lately, each time I find a beauty product that perfectly fits my tastes and needs, no more than three months later, it’s discontinued. In the last two years, I’ve nearly cried when a foundation that seemed to have been created especially for my skin tone, a blush in the most feminine shade of pink, the ideal shade of eyeliner to complement my green eyes, the perfect -and-incredibly-difficult-to-find red lipstick and even a type of toothpaste which brightened my mornings with its fresh green apple scent, all got discontinued from production.

The Universe sometimes has a cruel sense of humour. Other times, though, it compensates for it.

M.A.C., one of the hottest and most important cosmetics brands in the world at the moment, surprises us each and every season with the most delightful collections, sadly, in limited editions. Kind of hard not to fall in love with a certain product, only to find out that it has already sold out in just a couple of months.

The solution? (And the reason for which M.A.C., already one of my favourite makeup brands, now has an even more special place in my heart?) – M.A.C. By Request.


Bring back your favourite shades of lipstick and eyeshadow! Access the M.A.C. Facebook page and vote your favourite from the discontinued items. Up until July 21st, you have the opportunity to choose from a selection of rare items of years past. Do you miss Pink Poodle, the perfect fuchsia from the 2000 Valentine’s collection, or is Flavour, the elegant satin nude from the 1994 Freedom Colour Additions collection, more to your preference? How about the Chill eyeshadow, a gorgeous white highlighter/shimmer from the 1991 Le Groove Colour collection, or Fiction, the ideal shade of kakhi to complement green eyes, from the 1997 Colour Abstractions Colour Additions collection?

 mac eyeshadow

Vote NOW and come spring, the most popular three shades of discontinued lipstick and eyeshadow, respectively, will be making their way back onto M.A.C. counters around the world, as well as into your very own makeup bag.


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Photos courtesy of: M.A.C. Facebook page