April 12, 2013

Vogue continues to work for the interests of models and for healthy perceptions

fashion models

Vogue UK has, this week, signed and subscribed to a code of models protection narrowed down by British trade union Equity.

Its articles make reference to the fact that all Vogue models are not to work longer than 10 hours a day, have access to adequate food and not be persuaded to shoot nude or semi nude unless prior consent has been given. Mandatory breaks, wardrobes, transport and pay are also among the other points in the agreement wishing to eliminate any kind of treatment deemed unacceptable in any other profession.

The particularities of the fashion industry are, yet, so very specific and such initiatives are still like islands scattered in a sea of resistance or lack of a genuine realizing of the magnitude of these issues.

Vogue has the influence, and through its network of magazines around the world, the global reach to effectively touch on the matters it has set its mind to improve. The Health Initiative, launched last June, is an agreement among 19 Vogue editors to only cast healthy models and promote a fair and balanced image on beauty and health, together with a total ban on underage models.

The deepening of the conversation and the real sinking in of its real relevance are relatively new, while their seeing as true fundamentals of the business and art that fashion represents are still in a process of apparent learning. Vogue continues to drive constructive and pragmatic debates involving part of the relevant actors, reputed fashion houses such as Armani, Prada, Versace and Victoria Beckham have adhered to the same set of principles, the Milan and Madrid fashion weeks alike, while Israel has passed a law on the matter.

Still, there are voices of great designers, such as Marc Jacobs, that deny the existence of at least a controversy, let alone problem, and who keep out from any kind of recommendations, should they be from within the industry or rather ethical and even moral.

In the meantime, models as of yet without the fame and clout to negotiate their own careers, are to continue being turned away for not being young and fresh or slim enough, while they have decided, encouraged by initiatives such as those of Vogue, for their health, or, on the contrary, after having taken as priority a chance to be on the catwalks of certain designers or, actually, on certain runways.


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Photo sources: fashionschooldaily.com, imageupper.com