February 14, 2014

Virtual fitting rooms, making the online more real!

Sometimes our dreams and those of fashion designers coincide! At least in their essence they do! If we wish being able to seize the tremendous offers and uniquely edited selections that fashion houses and big retailers offer online without minding the unavoidable ’’I wonder, will it fit?’’, we can bet they want the exact same thing!

And, as a matter of fact, there are a few frontrunners to have incorporated in their own online shopping experiences disruptive new technologies that can rival old mirror-watching and, early data shows, mean that by using these instruments we are approximately 50% more likely to purchase as well as being over 50% less likely to return our acquisition.

virtual fitting room

But let’s better understand, to be able to better make the most of it! For now, the virtual fitting room technology has been implemented by a handful of fashion outlets, but we can be certain that their success and chances of getting a much superior reach is directly linked to our mouse’s click of a button!

Ermenegildo Zegna uses Fits.me, which allows visualising a piece of clothing as worn by a model personalised by our input of specific measures and that is able to morph and simulate as many as 100 000 different body shapes. The results are remarkable, and the experience highly intuitive, even entertaining.

New York-er Nicole Miller also manages its clients’ typical risk of online shopping. Clothes Horse, following your filling in of a questionnaire taking no more than 30 seconds and asking you questions ranging from height to the size you wear from your (different) favourite brand, comes up with the optimal size option followed by details on how the dress will fit you at the waist or shoulders.

Verifiably optimistic. We are just one technological step away from buying online – the ultimate challenge – the form-fitting jumpsuit of our dreams!

Gisele Bundchen Armani Prive


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Photos: morfae.com, aphoenixinparis.tumblr.com, Armani