July 4, 2013

An Exercise Of Creativity In The Zen Garden: The Viktor & Rolf Couture Show


Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren celebrated they return on the haute couture stage after an absence of 13 years, with a set of 20 sculptural looks. The chromatic palette restricted to a single shade of deep black redirected the focus onto the shape of the silhouettes, as well as steering it towards their artistic meaning.


Through their couture collection, the designer duo aimed to explore an abstract side of their creativity, initiating a concept-presentation, during which, models recreated the atmosphere of a Zen garden by embodying rocks and grass. Once the models stepped onto the runway, the silhouettes with exaggerated volumes, the shirt-dresses featuring slits up the leg, the coats with dramatic capes and the cloaks embellished with fringe, were, one by one, carefully arranged by the two designers in a manner resembling a sacred ritual, giving birth to an exceptional exercise of creativity.

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Photos courtesy of: style.com, bellasugar.com.au, vogue.com