April 29, 2013

Video: Tales Of Spain – A Fresh And Vibrant Capsule Collection By Loewe


Currently part of the LVMH luxury conglomerate, the Loewe brand has series tradition, its roots dating way back to more than a century and a half ago, more precisely, to 1846, when a group of artisans opened a leather atelier in the center of Madrid. A few decades later, in 1872, German artisan Enrique Roessberg Loewe joined forces with them, putting together a label that would soon enjoy tremendous success.


The German-specific rigurosity and precision, blended with the typical Spanish creativity and sensuality, offered the fashion house an unique allure. In 1905, Loewe was already gaining recognition, being named Official Supplier to the Spanish Royal Crown, and a few decades later, in 1963, the reputation of the brand was already so well established, that the label started to expand beyond Spanish borders. By the late 70s, Loewe stores had been opened in all corners of the world, from London to Tokyo and Hong Kong, and prestigious figures, such as Karl Lagerfeld or Giorgio Armani, were invited by Enrique Loewe Lynch, the founder’s great-grandson, to design prêt-à-porter collections.



Two of the brand’s signature elements – leather and prints – referenced from the brand’s 70s and 80s archives, are being re-brought to life and sprinkled with a dose of fresh modern spirit, as part of the Tales Of Spain collection, a line of clothing and accessories inspired by the label’s heritage, which was given a contemporary twist.



The capsule collection, which featured prices ranging from €150 to €1,060, will be launched on May 22nd exclusively for Selfridges, and will include sweatshirts, sunglasses, scarves, bags, jewelry, and even nail stickers, all boasting the fresh, vibrant, colourful and optimistic spirit of the Loewe brand, as well as celebrating various aspects of Spanish culture and traditions.

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Photos courtesy of: thecitizensoffashion.com

Video courtesy of: Loewe via youtube.com