November 10, 2011

VIDEO: Miu Miu conquests its fashion guests

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show, Paris.

Anna dello Russo, Julia Roitfeld, Leigh Lezark, Michelle Harper, Giovanna Battaglia, Mila Kunis, Daphne Groeneveld, all wearing stylishMiu Miu shoes, jackets, skirts, on their way to the show. And if it’s not Miu Miu, then Prada monopolizes guests’ choices.

Just have a look at Bryan Grey Yambao (00:12) wearingPrada sunglasses or maybe spot my green velvet Prada purse (00:30) in the video below.

Of course, it’s well known the fact that at fashion shows, guests try to wear at least an accessory or clothing item of the House. Obviously, this is not compulsory and the reason can be either to show that they are fans of the brand, or just to be respectful, which is so nice.

But watching this video, I realize I haven’t actually seen so many Prada Group‘s products per square meter, not even in a their own shop. Which means that this has nothing to do with being polite, it’s about a huge business success.

One thing is clear: Prada‘s mastery of converting millions of clients into constant fans (and I subscribe here) it’s a magical recipe of innovativeness both in the field of biz and creativity. And we’d all want that recipe, wouldn’t we?!



Video: Antoine Mangenot
Photo take by Fashion Wire Press. I am wearing:
Janina Nectara dress & pantalons
Gucci sunglasses
Prada bag
In the video I was wearing long black leather gloves as well. Too bad that I lost them trying to film, get interviews and take notes on the same time…
Sometimes I just need to pick up my head from the clouds. Well, most of the time… So I’m writing it here, hoping to learn my lesson once and for all, as I usually leave lots of “souvenirs” all over.


My favorite Prada bag!!
Love the rectangular shape, the soft fabric, needless to mention the golden green amazing color.

My Miu Miu seating

After the show, with stylish fashion critic, Godfrey Deeny, of Fashion Wire Daily

I bet his sophisticated outfit made you wonder if he didn’t come from Prada‘s men show catwalk.

Moving to the next show, Lanvin.

Interviewing the elegant Susan Tabak for Antena1 TV.