October 3, 2011

Video: Ciara & Rachel Zoe & fashionable guests @ Barbara Bui show

I just discovered a few days ago a series of captivating videos showing what happens outside the doors of fashion shows in Paris.

Models out of duty and guests heading to the fashion shows are beautifully captured by Antoine Mangenot, who is ready to immortalize the exciting moments of Fashion Week. At Barbara Bui you can admire the stylish Ciaraand fashion guru, Rachel Zoe.

You must check his videos on Youtube, as he encapsulates a contemporary twist on fashion videos. Personal, innovative, creative, it surely gets you in the mood of Paris Fashion Week.

One of the victims, being “caught” outside the Barbara Bui Spring/Summer 2012 defilé, was actually me.

Uhh! If I had known, I would have put some make-up. Seriously, during this period I barely sleep 2-3 hours per night and sometimes i just skip to the next night. THAT busy can Fashion Week get! Only my good friend tells me it doesn’t show, but seeing this video, my face turned like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick, somebody wants to order Photoshop or maybe oversized (better huge), black sunglasses!!!

Anyway, very glad to meet again Ed Kavishe from Fashion Wire Press.

ALERT!!! To all fashion people: pay attention to what you are talking! Antoine is always ready to record.

But, hey, that’s the fun part, right?

Photo credit: www.thelavalizard.com
Video: Antoine Mangenot