February 23, 2012

Victoria Beckham promotes British tourism in a subway photo shoot

Victoria Beckham is the image of “Great Britain”, a campaign that promotes British tourism. One of the campaign’s objective is to strengthen London’s fashion industry abroad. Victoria was chosen to promote “Great Britain” not only because she is a fashion icon in England, but also for her creative potential in the field. Her prêt-à-porter collection, produced in England, is sold in over 300 stores worldwide.

Due to the fact that London fashion industry has an important role in the tourism growth and because the United States is one of the largest consumer of British fashion, the campaign was launched in New York, at the Grand Central subway station.

Victoria Beckham, along with fashion icon Anna Wintour, and the British Ambassador in U.S.A, Sir Peter Westmacott, gathered for a photo shoot to kick off the campaign.

This is another proof that Britain is not wasting time and uses every opportunity to increase the country’s budget. Sir Peter Westmacott acknowledged that the campaign has to do with the Olympic Games that are due to be held in London this summer, and that this is a good opportunity to promote British tourism.