December 17, 2013

Versace in black. About the dark glamorous side of the trends

Versace black dress Kylie Minogue

Versace turns everything it touches into gold, and black so much more so! This is why black gold this season can only mean lacquered leather, like dipped into petrol and cast into sensual and dangerous shapes, feminine and cut out and nothing else but the revealed dark side of lace which will never be the same after having become the playground of studs and sequins hinting to bold suggestive patterns!

In very few words, black gold from Versace. I just wonder what is it that the amazingly loud attitude in neutral black says about the one wearing it…

Versace black dress

Versace black dress

Versace black suit

Versace black dress Luisa Via Roma

Versace cut out shoulders dress, EUR 1 490 at Luisa Via Roma

Versace black cage boots Luisa Via Roma

Versace 130 mm studs cage boots, EUR 1 080 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photos: Versace, Luisa Via Roma