February 1, 2013

Versace dismisses sale speculations

All things Versace – from dresses to stocks – are equally irresistible to everyone – from us all, up to investors.

For now it seems, nevertheless, that Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, bought by the Dong Run Group’s Nanbai Australia, is the only piece of the empire the Versace dynasty has been persuaded to relinquish.

After the intensifying of rumours on a presumptive possible sale of part of its shares, Santo Versace comes to dismiss this option, as well as any outside investment or even IPO.

The hype Versace has been stoking off the runway was triggered by its effort to identify new financing possibilities for the envisioned expansion of the business.

Still, what Donatella, Allegra and Santo Versace can certainly rely on are the sales of all things Versace: dresses in the Milan boutiques, the Versace home collections available online and luxury condos in the as yet unfinished Palazzo Versace Dubai.



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Photo source: Versace