January 26, 2014

Valentine’s Day Designer Presents – Janina Nectara for Observator Special

Every day can be a classy Valentine’s Day.
The most beloved fashion brands charm us with exquisite gift ideas, especially created for all fashion lovers!
You can re-see the lovely Valentine’s edition of #ObservatorSpecial and gain some inspiration for your perfect present right here! Because Valentine’s Day truly is every day!

Valentine’s Day is so much more than a festive day dedicated to love – it’s a celebration of love turned as profitable as it can be. In order to make happy their significant others, the Americans spend in excess of 13 billion dollars. Why am I specifically talking about those in the US? Well, isn’t it from them that we got Valentine’s Day in the first place? Hence, they’re the standard! Anyway, Valentine’s Day became world-famous, and the designers couldn’t but follow the lead and pursue the event with a strong inclination for commercialisation. So, year upon year, the great names of fashion provide those in love with all sort of collections dedicated to this day. And don’t just think clothes and jewelry.


The Americans have Valentine’s running through their veins. This has been proven by Valentine’s Day sales – when those from across the pond buy chocolates worth 1.5 billion dollars, flowers nearing 2 billion and jewelry in excess of 4 billion. Let’s pitch in the 180 million spent on cards and we have the full picture. Why so much spending? The reason is in the statistics.


Janina Nectara: Studies have shown that over 50% of women are willing to break up with their partners if they fail to offer a Valentine’s Day present. The designers, psychology savvy, have put on offer various limited editions of holiday-dedicated collections.


And the gifts are of every shape and colour. Starting with the traditional cards and going all the way to the predictable heart-shaped jewelry bearing romantic inscriptions. But what does a man not so good with presents do? He goes for the safest bet. And here we’re not addressing the American only.


JN: Over 50% of men, around the world, send their girlfriends Valentine’s Day cards. The designers, of course, took up the opportunity, and came up with customised envelopes and stamps – Chanel, YSL, Givenchy or Hermès.


Of course, the envelopes, stamps and cards abound in beating hearts, well-glossed lips and other symbols of cuteness. And the designers have taken into consideration the needs of the men less financially fortunate as well.


JN: There are also pre-written online messages and e-cards that are free, courtesy of two great brands: Tiffany and Burberry.


Following the cards, comes the candy. Handling the sweet gift-making section are Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli, offering impressive selections of pralines. As far as Roberto Cavalli goes, they’re even covered in animal print icing.


The price of a box can range between EUR 15 and 150. But what else could we be offering our better half?


JN: Flowers are also highly appreciated by women, and the designers know it. Vera Wang argues for sensational bouquets that can reach up to USD 400.


In Europe, the chief designer florist is Giorgio Armani, shipping not only here, but also in Asian countries. If the gentlemen have respectable budgets, they can also focus on presents involving a great number of zeros.


JN: On this day also very popular is jewelry. Similarly heart-shaped and engraved with tokens of love. Cartier and Tiffany are two of the best positioned brands.


And just as valuable, at least sentimentally speaking, are gift-accessories. And the offer is varied.


JN: Here we’re talking about Gucci, that designed a line of bags precisely for the occasion. About Roberto Cavalli, who made phone cases. As well as Louis Vuitton, having come up with a collection of clutches and wallets.


Still, for an unforgettable memory, it takes much more than an object.


JN: A gift that is altogether special is that of Missoni, which has a number of world hotels and the surprise is exactly this one – a night’s stay with an aphrodisiac menu dinner on the house.


The price of such an escape? EUR 500.


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Photo: Armani