May 24, 2012

Ugg says I do!

You love Ugg boots so much that you would like to wear them even on your wedding day? You’re not the only one that thought about it, for sure. The famous Australian brand that has fans all around the planet released a collection of shoes for the wedding day.

The line is called I Do and includes two models of UGG and a pair of slippers. Both boots models are short-sized, just above the ankles. One of them is simple, white, and is called Bailey I Do, and the other one, white, with sequins, was called Sparkles I Do!.

Soon after their release, the new Ugg boots started to be a subject of mockery on social networks. Still, the new models will certainly have plenty of buyers, women who prefer atypical, or just less formal weddings.

The collection is priced between $80- $225 and can be purchased online.