November 13, 2015

Twilight – the dawn of inspiration

Twilight fascinates. And I’m not talking about Stephenie Meyer’s saga. But of the times of a mystical beauty between sunset and the onset of dusk and sunrise and the arrival of daylight. The painting ’Saint-Georges Majeur au crépuscule’ by impressionist master Claude Monet is just one artistic representation of the so very beautiful twilight.

Saint-Georges Majeur au crépuscule Claude Monet

In our times, Italian House Casadei contributes a contemporary interpretation of the elegant dégradés that twilight besets on colours: Cesare Casadei covered shoes in shades of black cherry, blackish blue or ebony.

Photographers have labelled the light of the twilight as ’’sweet light’’. Painters talk about ’’the blue hour’’. Fashion doesn’t yet seem to have set its heart on a particular name for it, but Casadei’s shoes – orchid purple, royal purple or black – seem to bring just as many testimonies for twilight as artistic inspiration state of grace.

So let’s enjoy the beauty of twilight, why don’t we?!

twilight colors

twilight colors Casadei shoes

twilight colors Casadei shoes


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Photos:, Casadei