June 6, 2013

Find Out Right Now What Your True Bra Size Is!


Do you know your bra size? Your instant answer is probably ”yes”, but are you aware that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra on a daily basis, without even knowing it?

If during the 1920s, flappers used to wear snug bras in order to hide their curves and appear more boyish, and during the 50s, fashion dictated a pointy bust, prompting women to wear cone-shaped lingerie, while during the 1970s, unstructured models were all the rage, starting with the Nineties, bras as we know them today, started gaining popularity.

Ever since, options regarding lingerie have greatly expanded – we can now choose between soft cups, push up models, demi cups, 1/4 cups, ultra-push up, and so on. However, the standard measuring system has hardly changed for decades now. Determining bra size currently relies on measuring the bust at its fullest point, then subtracting the dimension of the torso at ribcage level. As simple as it sounds, as hard it is for most women to get it right, resulting in them wearing a wrong size in most cases.

High-end lingerie boutiques offer private services that include advice from a personal shopper, in order to determine the right lingerie size for your body. However, now you can do this in the comfort of your own home, without any kind of hassle.


Lingerie producer Jockey International has just launched a special kit, so that you may measure the size of your bust not only by its circumference, but also according to its volume. The Jockey Bra Fit Kit can be delivered by mail, and contains ten plastic cups in varying sizes, along with a colour-coded measuring tape, so that you may determine the exact right bra measure that you need, both according to the size of your torso, as well as that of your cups.

 bra fit kit

Order you own Jockey Bra Fit Kit here, for the price of €15.


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