March 18, 2014

Trouble in paradise. Fashion Houses rivalry for… Milan pastry shops

Every fashion house needs its icing on the cake! This seems to be the latest business objective for, at least, LVMH and Prada. Literally!

The story starts, almost like a Snow White, with the arduous intentions for courtship and buying into a famous Milanese pastry shop, Cova, by Miuccia Prada’s fashion brand. Only to then have LVMH prove to be less of a charmer and more of a conqueror, by coming and sweeping Cova away, for something in the vicinity of EUR 33 million. But, glory to the candy-making-god-mothers, the happy ending is near. As Milan has enough traditional pastries with plenty of 1800s chocolate, veneziana and panettone recipes to please everyone. And so it is that Prada bought, in its turn, 80% of the none the less famous Pasticceria Marchesi, on the no lesser illustrious Corso Magenta.

All is well when it ends well… now we just need to check the map for finding the shortest path from Prada, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to Marchesi, Corso Magenta…

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