November 19, 2012

Tricks for hiding dark circles, from a make-up artist

Hiding dark circles is a big issue, because many times no matter how hard you would struggle, you just make the situation worse. Carmidy, celebrity make up artist, says the biggest mistake many women make is trying to hide too much: “I see women put on so much concealer. It settles into those fine lines and wrinkles and lines end up looking worse than if they just left well enough alone.” If you want to hide your under-eye circles without the flakey effects, keep an eye on these tricks:

1. As a first step, apply an illuminizing face primer all over the face. It reflects the light and makes the imperfections less visible.


2. Put foundation onto your skin, up to underneath your eyelids. Carmidy says, “It can even be a tinted moisturizer, just so you have a little bit of coverage to start. That way you’re going to need less concealer.”


3. At last, apply concealer. Carmidy advises to look for words on the container that say lightening, brightening, lifting, or illuminating. “These are the things that are actually going to bounce light from the eyes, creating more of a halo effect, eliminating the darkness with light instead of covering up with thick, opaque concealer.”