March 7, 2013

Trends in 2013 and beyond – fashion technology

fashion technology

If we are to trust fashion advice, probably an interview given by Vivienne Westwood in Vogue is to enjoy one of the best of credibility. When it comes to advice and foresight into fashion technology and online fashion retailing, I again argue that, probably that the closest match for that pair would be a director at Amazon writing for Forbes.

And the trends identified by Will Young seem to speak so well about the world we live in and about fashion fantasies in front of the computer that we must agree that, indeed, the future isn’t all that far away.

The quality and complexity of the content provided by online stores together with the increasing familiarisation and popularisation of online shopping instruments such as Shopify and Magento are all pushing for the breaking of the final frontier – the truly functional application for the finding of the perfect size.

The convergence of the online experience with the one at the store is also steadily becoming ever greater, be it in the direction of reaching a similar level of client service or in that with a potential for controversy of the integration of information and feedback provided online, through social media or at the online store, in the real experience.

Even more than that, the world of online shopping is on its way to becoming more complex and customer friendly than shopping ever was. Based on preferences and popularity measured on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other similar platform, at the moment of decision, we are going to have recommendations so well tuned to our individual style, needs for the trip planned with friends and the weather in out city, that the perfect choice might well become inevitable.

What there still is to create, digitally or otherwise, is the sensation of the simple joy felt when entering a store. But I rest assured that at Amazon they must be working on it as well.


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