December 3, 2012

Travel-proof Your Makeup Bag

The holidays are almost here, which means that a long-awaited vacation is in store for each of us. You’ve already learned how to pack your clothes and accessories when traveling, but how about one other majorly important thing – your makeup and beauty items?

Here’s a helpful guide, to help you pack up your cosmetics in a smart way, so that you end up looking as fresh-faced as can be during your winter getaway.

>>Don’t carry with you every makeup and beauty item you own, even though you may be tempted to. Choose the essentials and then add a couple of special items that will match your outfits, such as your new coloured eyeliner that you have yet to wear or that new lipstick that would look great in holiday photos.

>>Store items in an organised manner. Don’t just throw them all in, as they may end up breaking. Set your eye and lip makeup separately from all the bottles and pots of bubblebath or hair product, and make sure you store your makeup brushes right so that they won’t be damaged.

>>Make sure everything is screwed/sealed shut. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I can tell you from personal experience that the last thing you want to find in your bag when you open it is an explosion of shampoo.

>>To avoid carrying around half your weight in cosmetics, take with you only the amount that you need. Many brands now have travel-sized versions of most of their products, so look for them in beauty shops.

>>Make sure easily breakable items, such as perfume bottles, are well-packed and cushioned, so that they don’t break in the eventuality that your luggage gets handled rather roughly (which, if you’re traveling by plane, you know is a certain thing).

>>To make sure that your cosmetics are neatly packed, choose a reliable makeup bag. Here are a few adorable suggestions, which by the way, make a super cute Christmas gift for yourself or any of your girlfriends.

Marc by Marc Jacobs bags case

Marc by Marc Jacobs makeup bag – €80
Tory Burch bags case

Tory Burch makeup bag – €127
Chloé bags case

Chloé makeup bag – €235
Victoria s Secret bags case

Victoria’s Secret makeup bag – €11
Rebecca Minkoff bags case

Rebecca Minkoff makeup bag – €50
3 1 Phillip Lim handbag

3 1 Phillip Lim makeup bag – €426
Ted Baker bags case

Ted Baker makeup bag- €28
Kate Spade bags case

Kate Spade makeup bag – €42
Makeup brush

Shu Emura X Karl Lagerfeld makeup bag – €49
ALEXANDER WANG Fumo make up case

ALEXANDER WANG makeup bag – €194
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