February 29, 2012

Toxic beauty. What cosmetics you should avoid

“Natural” and “organic” are sonorous terms applied in the description of numberless cosmetic products, turning even them into ordinary concepts. As a matter of fact, few products are natural and organic. One has to become a real detective saving one’s own skin and read the label of the cosmetic products one wishes to purchase. Shelves are overcrowded, but time is scarce. These are the kind of cosmetics you must avoid as they are toxic and, implicitly, noxious to your skin!

Cosmetics containing:

1. Talc – This is an ingredient as toxic as asbestos. It can be usually found in the composition of eye powder, baby powder, face powder and some other cosmetic products with absorbent qualities.

2. Parabens – Their qualities are similar to the estrogen’s and the methyl’s and are used in the composition of many cosmetic products for skincare as preservatives.

3. Propylene glycol – This substance is used as ingredient in deodorants and massage oils and it is equally found in car solutions such as non-freezing lubricants. Your car and your skin use the same cream. How awesome does that sound?

4. Mineral oil – It is a crude oil resulted from petroleum distillation to obtain gasoline. Mineral oils are used to produce baby lotions, cold creams and unguents.

5. Sodium lauryl sulfate – It is one of the most hazardous ingredients used in the cosmetics composition, but also in floor cleaners, engine degreasers and car cleaners.

Tabu.ro will tell you which other ingredients should be avoided.