December 10, 2013

Top brands 2013, the most luxurious of luxury. Chanel. Coco, Karl, Marilyn

Chanel top luxury brand

If you are to speak about the performers of the new millennium, when it comes to prestige, brand and economic value you must absolutely also talk about the not at all symbolic contribution of the immaterial values associated to them. Sounds abstract? It will no longer be the case, as we’ll transfer the subject over to Chanel. And that’s because when you talk about mythical global brands you absolutely must talk about Chanel. And as soon as you’ve spoken the velvety name of the French house you’ve also said, with the same breath, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel No 5, the little black dress and the Chanel jacket. We have in front of us a brand with a total estimated worth of over USD 7 billion (Forbes, November 2013) and, say people in the know, of a chic branding formula kept intact from Gabrielle Chanel up to Karl Lagerfeld.

Coco Chanel top luxury brand


>>> founded in 1909, in Paris

>>> annual sales, USD 4.4 billion, according to Forbes

>>> brand value for November 2013, USD 7 billion, according to Forbes

>>> brand value change vs 2012, a 6% increase, according to BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013

>>> 6th in BrandZ™ Top 10 Most Valuable Luxury Global Brands 2013

>>> 14th by Brand Contribution – the intrinsic influence of the brand on earnings – in BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013

>>> 74th in Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands


>>> Chanel is owned by brothers Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, grandsons of one of Gabrielle Chanel’s initial partners, and the house’s designer is, since 1983, Karl Lagerfeld

>>> starting with the 1970s, the strategy of the house of Chanel was one of narrowing its distribution channels and focusing on the business’ original, unique character, as created by Coco Chanel

>>> it is estimated that a 55% of Chanel’s revenue comes from perfumes and cosmetics, with Chanel No 5, the world’s most prestigious fragrance premiered by Coco Chanel herself, bringing in a large percentage of that

>>> Gabrielle Chanel is seen by some branding experts as a personal branding expert in her own right. They explain this view by highlighting Chanel’s unique capacity to observe and discern patterns of behaviour and trends to then meet them with innovative ideas breaking the mould of the time’s concepts and visions. Once having mastered what could be called the Chanel style, its creator proceeded to further refining and adapting it, while, at the same time, cultivating and encouraging an aura of brand mystique as a goal in itself, parallel to her artistic endeavour.


>>> Today, Karl Lagerfeld takes Chanel back to Dallas, the place where Coco Chanel was first embraced by the American fashion culture, back in the ’50s: it is the Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show, an opportunity to showcase once more the ,,quality, creativity and sophistication’’ of Chanel’s collections.

Chanel top luxury brand Karl Lagerfeld

>>> A recently rediscovered interview given by Marilyn Monroe decades ago, in 1952, is the starting point of a new video dedicated to Chanel No 5. Asked what it is that she wears to bed, Marilyn answers: ’’Nothing but a few drops of Chanel No 5.’’


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