August 27, 2014

Top Best Supermodels Businesses – Janina Nectara for Observator Special

Smart & beautiful – definitely the newest trend!
Did you know that supermodels are better paid than a president?
Moreover, some of them are rated in Forbes rankings or even in the Guinness Book of World Records, making millions & millions every year!!!
Find out who are the richest models in the world and which are their impressive businesses, right here!

I don’t know where this theory came from – the one that beautiful women can’t be at least equally intelligent, but the sure thing is that it has long outlived its own smartness. And the irony is that reality is constantly debunking this myth. Let’s take, for instance, international supermodels.

So… what do we know about them? That they’re gorgeous, otherwise they wouldn’t have found global fame. That they’re being contracted for all kinds of jobs in the four corners of the world. But that they are very bright as well, why doesn’t anyone talk about this? Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss and Adriana Lima are just a few of the models doubling as businesswomen. More so, some of them have already made it to the Guinness Book of Records – all thanks to their nose for business.


reporter: When talking about international models, the first name that springs to mind is Gisele.


Janina Nectara: Gisele Bündchen entered the Guinness Book for being the most highly paid model in history. Her fortune is estimated at 156 million dollars.


The Brazilian supermodel has made a fortune out of runway shows and publicity endorsements. The Victoria’s Secret angel then made consistent additions to her accounts by launching her own fashion line.


reporter: We have it clear as to who ranks first among the world’s richest models, but who comes in second?


JN: No 2 is Tyra Banks, making a strong statement with her 92 million dollars. Her income has seen a major contribution from her role as America’s Next Top Model general producer.


Tyra surely has been born under a lucky star. She is an almost flawless genetic combination. And the chocolate-skinned green eyed model isn’t just beautiful. She is also very clever. What also made her into a successful businesswoman. Plus that at 41 she looks much better than many a 20 years old.


JN: Coming 3rd we have Christie Brinkley, who with 83 million dollars is one of America’s most successful models. She made over 500 magazine covers and has, a few days ago, turned 60. Christie Brinkley manages a few successful lines of business: cosmetics, eyewear and lingerie.


So it’s good being Christie Brinkley, but it’s not bad being Kate Moss either.


JN: The 4th spot belongs to Kate Moss. She has an estimate worth of USD 81 million.


All money Kate has made modelling on and off the catwalk. Not bad for a model whose image was somewhat tinged by her own vices.


JN: After having reached the age she felt she had to step off the runway, Heidi Klum continued her reign among the world’s best paid models, with a fortune of approximately 73 million dollars.


So Heidi Klum is no 5 when it comes to the world’s richest models.


JN: Heidi Klum stays successful and business savvy long after that moment. One of her profitable ventures is the excellent 20% she gets from managing the models on Germany’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, shows that she headlines and hosts.


Recently, Heidi Klum has added to her portfolio a make up line for Victoria’s Secret and her empire is in full swing. Bravo, Heidi! It really shows German thinking.

Completing the top of rich fashion models is Adriana Lima. Not ranking among the first, but her performance is Guinness Book certified.


JN: Another Guinness Book of World Records featured is Adriana Lima. She also made it to Forbes, as the youngest model with a considerable wealth – USD 26 million.


So we surely shouldn’t feel for her, for not being as rich as Gisele. For a model beginning her career, it’s clear that Adriana Lima is on her way to building her very own empire.


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Photo: Gisele Bündchen